Why are the viewport axis colors not matching?

The viewport axes/grid are the local CPlane axes/grid, not the global ones.

I see but it’s the planes XY, YZ and XZ.
Can I somehow match the colors?

Nope - it’s the planes LOCAL XY in all three cases…

I must disagree because if you activate one viewport (say FRONT).
and you start entering coordinates, you you enter Z coordinate it will create the point Up and not stay on place as it would be if it was the LOCAL XY.

Scrap that. I am wrong. This is very weird. I can’t believe I never noticed that before. One should be very careful which viewport is active when entering coordinates.

This is counter-intuitive for me.

Yep, Rhino has been this way since day one… If you want to force world coordinate entry no matter what viewport is active, type a “w” in front, as in w0,0,0.

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Usually I enter distances when working with viewports and the direction is determined by the mouse. This is why I have never noticed this before.