Wish: XYZ coordinates in a top, front or right viewport

Hi McNeel,

I found it annoying that when I input a XYZ coordinate while the top viewport is selected, the first two numbers are used for the XY and the Z number is ignored. It would be nice if Rhino recognize the difference of a XYZ input and a XY, XZ or a YZ input. Can you put this on the wish list?


Undecorated coordinates are assumed to be CPlane coordinates.
If you include a “W” in front of your coordinates, then Rhino knows you want a “World” coordinate instead of a CPlane coordinate and I think you’ll get what you are expecting.

Which command is ignoring the third coordinate?

If I have the top viewport active, start the Point command and enter 1,1,1 (CPlane coordinates without the preceding “W”) the point is at 1,1,1.

CPlane coordinates can have three components also.

Hi Bas - like the others… I don’t quite know what you mean - an example would be useful.


I will make an example. To be continued.