White and grey render problem

I have problems with my renders, they all look white and grey.

I’m guessing you haven’t assigned any rendering materials to layers or to objects.
Have a look at the Rendering tutorials on the Learn page on the Rhino Web site to get your feet wet.

I resolved it thank you, the problem was that I did my model in another computer and then finished it in another one and the materials were lost in the transfer, I also had saturation in 0, and I think it needs to be 1.

Thank you.

Cool. I’m sorry I assumed you were brand new to rendering based on your comments.
No slight intended.

Don’t worry,

Thank you.

hi - I have imported a bed model. then taken all the components apart so i can litterally change the sheets etc = the four layers i have have assigned materials - white cotton, bule duvet, oak frame etc

but thte rneder is all still grey -why ?

file, or it didnt happen.

Chech material assignment for objects. It might not be «by layer».

Holo - where do I do that please?

It’s part of object properties.
(Color wheel)
Click material there.
(Paint tube)
(On smart phone so can’t show with image)

I have them assigned by object

I think taking the block out into a single drawing file and experimenting is the answer

Hi Dominic - if you need further help on this one, please post the 3dm file.

Wim thank you… so I was hping this would be a light oak frame, with a patterned grey fabric bed head, white pillows and sheets, and a turquoise duvet … clearly it isnt at the moment double bed.3dm (3.3 MB)

i have only been using this for 10 days now, so making Newbie errors I am sure… help would be fantastic


Hi Dominic -
When you select an object and go to the Material tab on the Properties panel, you will notice that it has a specific material assigned (“grey patterned fabric”):

In this tab, you can change the material for this object either by directly assigning the one that you want for this object (“Oak light”) or, as Jørgen Holo pointed to, set this to Use Layer Material to control the material from the layer settings:

The duvet is somewhat different as that is a block instance. If you want to keep it as a block instance, you will need to double-click it to enter “Block Edit Mode” (or run the BlockEdit command). Then select all the objects in the block and, again on the Material tab, change the assignment to “Layer”:

Doing that should end up looking like this:


I stuggled with the duvet for a bit, but thank you

but joy

thank you