Export to STEP AP 242


is there any way to export to STEP AP 242 in Rhino yet?
So far I was not able to find anything on that topic.

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Hi Tobias - no, there is not.
Can you tell us what this provides for you that is not in the 214 schema?


PLM/PDM data

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@pascal and @ivelin.peychev
Data like materials, etc… should be transported in the step-file.
So, yes, PDM/PLM-Data, including curves, etc…
So far, some software is not able to read curves transmitted in step-files (as far as my knowledge).

I’m going to breathe some life back into this subject.

I was informed by our sales team that we are receiving STEP files containing GD&T, but we are not seeing this in Rhino. The STEP files are AP242 schema. If we open the STEP file with e-dwgs we can see the missing information.

Is there a plan to include the STEP AP242 schema as one of our choices when importing (and exporting)?

Here is an example of what we are missing:



Hi @chuck ,

Not sure if you noticed this one.

I can provide an example privately if you would like to take a look. Just let me know.



Hi Dan. Sure, send your example. I don’t know when we would be able to add 242, but it does seem to come up lately.


Hi all,
I just found an article showing specifications of Step AP203/214/242.
Look like Step AP203 and AP214 are withdrawn (ISO lifecycle stage 95.99) as International Standards. They were deprecated with the publication of AP242 in 2014.

I have used Rhino lot of times to get data from different file types and missing this one would be a pity, given that support for native Rhino files from CAE software is rare.

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@theoutside, the link does not work for me.

try now, sorry public view didn’t get checked.

FWIW, you don’t need to view or even keep track of it. We’ll post here when/ if it’s fixed. The reports are for our internal devs, not necessarily the public, however in typically McNeel fashion we try to be as transparent as possible, thus the links.

@theoutside, yes. :slight_smile:

As AP203 and 214 are EoL, Rhino support for AP242 seems like a must. In any case, the extra features the latter supports would make it very attractive for a lot of people, especially those who have to data exchange between Rhino and one of the big-name solid modellers frequently. Porting things like dimensions and materials info both ways would be great.