Export to STEP AP 242


is there any way to export to STEP AP 242 in Rhino yet?
So far I was not able to find anything on that topic.

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Hi Tobias - no, there is not.
Can you tell us what this provides for you that is not in the 214 schema?


PLM/PDM data

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@pascal and @ivelin.peychev
Data like materials, etc… should be transported in the step-file.
So, yes, PDM/PLM-Data, including curves, etc…
So far, some software is not able to read curves transmitted in step-files (as far as my knowledge).

I’m going to breathe some life back into this subject.

I was informed by our sales team that we are receiving STEP files containing GD&T, but we are not seeing this in Rhino. The STEP files are AP242 schema. If we open the STEP file with e-dwgs we can see the missing information.

Is there a plan to include the STEP AP242 schema as one of our choices when importing (and exporting)?

Here is an example of what we are missing:



Hi @chuck ,

Not sure if you noticed this one.

I can provide an example privately if you would like to take a look. Just let me know.



Hi Dan. Sure, send your example. I don’t know when we would be able to add 242, but it does seem to come up lately.


Hi all,
I just found an article showing specifications of Step AP203/214/242.
Look like Step AP203 and AP214 are withdrawn (ISO lifecycle stage 95.99) as International Standards. They were deprecated with the publication of AP242 in 2014.

I have used Rhino lot of times to get data from different file types and missing this one would be a pity, given that support for native Rhino files from CAE software is rare.