What tool to adjust length of raster image sides independent of each other?

What command is there that does the same as the distort tool in photoshop?
The distort tool enables one to make e.g. the left side of a raster image a different length to the right side and ditto top and bottom.
It can even slew the bottom to left or right, ditto the sides. best take a look in pshop to see what I mean :smile:
I have a raster image in rhino that needs such to make it fit to where it is required. I need to adjust it in rhino, not in pshop then import it.


Apply the image as a texture to a plane (or PictureFrame the image) then move the plane control points - does that do what you need?


Photoshop is a raster image tool. It has very little in common with Rhino.

Let’s go at this another way…

Instead of asking for a tool that does “such and such”, please describe the real problem you’re tying to solve.
Then we’ll have a much better chance of getting you accurate advice and help.


Yes, and if you rebuild the plane with more points, you can have some degree of control over the intermediate parts of the image - within reason. This is not Photoshop. Video


see attached two such tasks presented in simplified form. the rasters are to fit the rhino drawn shapes. Both are real work regards shape.

I did by the way try for scale on the circular task but ended up needing a bit more, and longed for pshops raster tool.

Now that Pascal seems to be the distort tool at first glance, it was acting like it, it gave me a fit on the circle, but then it failed on the triangle, why did it kink it ?
As such its going to harm internal features independent of what is happening to the shape. Pshop on that would have seen a straight line still.

I realise rhino is not pshop, but there is sometimes a need to fit a raster photo of something taken at an oblique angle, or a plan that has got distorted through many copies of copies, to the shape it should be before I start work over it extracting the data it gives. The simple need of shape adjustment of the raster is required.

attaching the rasters additional to the 3dm file incase the 3dm doesnt embed them.

use of distort tool.3dm (58.2 KB)

Mitch…your post crept in before this was sent,…now I think you might have there something to better photoshop, have the Pshoppers using Rhino :smile:
as you see ij my 3dm, the control points kinked that line, yet i didnt see the engine kink. We need to try a few basic shapes to see what else survives and what doesnt.


You’ll need to make the render mesh much denser - set a custom render mesh for the plane (Properties) and make sure to un-check ‘Simple planes’. Set Minimum initial grid quads to something large, like 2048 or something.