Where the heck are the dimensions when I click on the button

I click on the dimension button and can set the two points.
When I slide the mouse over to show the numbers there is nothing.
It is only on one file. I can start a new file and it works.

any ideas on what to check for?

This is Rhino 7 Commercial.

Sorry, you haven’t supplied enough detail to understand the problem.
Can you maybe send us a file and describe the steps to follow to observe the problem?


I was just trying to show the measurements of this piece.

Holy Cannoli.3dm (327.2 KB)

When I click on the piece I can draw the lines but the numbers won’t show up.

I did try on a new drawing and the measurements show up like they are supposed to.

So I am assuming the problem is with this file.

Hope you can help!

Hello - the object is about 700,000 units long and the text for the dimension is .125 units …


I’m sorry but that doesn’t help me. How do I fix the problem?

Hello- what I would do is set the dimension text size to a very much larger number, so you can see it - say 1000 or so. Most liklely you’ll want to just edit the annotation style to have usefully sized text and arrowheads etc


Thank you.

I will try to find that page and change the settings.
This program gets me so confused sometimes!