Where should I start?

Hi everyone!

I am thinking about using rhino for creating a tool/plugin for building optimization based on weather analysis.

I was thinking about creating a evolutionary algorithm from scratch (not using plugins like Galapagos) and have a connection to a database for further analysis, for weather analysis I was thinking about using ladybug-tools. ​

Do any of you have any idea of where where to start this process and what frameworks I can use.

As for now I was thinking about using grasshopper for design creation and connection to ladybug-tools, and Hops Cpython for creatin of EA and database connection (maybe rhinoCommon could be a possibility?).

Do any of you have any recommendations for another setup for such a problem?

I know you said you wanted to create your own evolutionary algorithm, but you might also want to take a look at Wallacei:

Thanks for the respond @Adam_M ! I see that Wallacei is using NSGA II, I was trying to implement NSGA III, and to be honest I wanted to implement the algorithm myself as part of a learning curve. If you were going to implement your own evolutionary algorithm, would you do that directly inside a GHpython component for instance?

If you can deal with Hops workaround to use CPython and this tool would be for yourself, then I’d try this way, because you can use any weather-related or algorythmic CPython library you want.

If you want it to develop so others will use it: then dealing with C# to make Rhino plugin or Grasshopper plugin would be more convenient for the user.

I’ll have a look into creating a rhino/grasshopper plugin!

maybe a dumb question, but is it possible to connect to ladybug-tools within my plugin created in C#?

I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

This is all I found: How to use LB+HB functions in a C# script - scripting - Ladybug Tools | Forum

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