Webpage live connection to rhino+GH

Hello people,

I designed an algorithm in grasshopper that reads .dwg files in rhinoceros. This plugin generates nomenclatures and linear dimensions, as well as generating an excel spreadsheet. I set up this system exclusively to market it, turning slow and repetitive processes into an automatic one.

Although the application works perfectly, but the code is open and I can’t sell a product in this way. Besides the fact that my target client would have to learn to use rhino + grasshopper, which makes the process unfeasible.

My initial idea would be to translate the algorithm into C# and design a plugin for grasshoper itself, but again, I find the problem that my target client would need to learn something new, and that’s not the idea.

I also thought of designing a windows API console, which reads the .dwg file and, using the logic I drew, using C ++, C #, etc and so on through the rhinoceros kernel geometry goodness to do the necessary manipulations. The problem is: I don’t have much experience in code languages ​​to the point of building it myself. I looked for some professionals, but they all found it too complex.

So I decided that a good solution would be to create a website connection with rhinoceros on an external server, which would receive the uploaded .dwg file, trigger its functions, and export the material. The idea would be that the user could only see the rhinoceros canvas and not the code itself. A webpage as a virtual machine.

I hope my explanation was not too confusing.

My question is whether this is possible and how could I do it? Which licenses should I acquire, which documentation would I need to read, which kernel to access, etc. If any of you can help me with this information, or ideas, or even join me in producing this material, I would be grateful and I am open to proposals.

I greatly appreciate any help or tip.


I believe this is what the Rhino.Compute technology is for: https://www.rhino3d.com/compute

It can be accessed through Javascript and Python also.

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@scottd Thank you so much!