Building Analysis in Grasshopper


I am currently writing my master thesis in Architecture and I am focusing on generative design in the early design phases of modern building strategies for one family homes.

I am running a grasshopper script that creates floorplans and then creates walls, windows, roofs etc.

Afterwards, I run the design options through wallacei’s generative engine and looking for things to optimize. Currently, I am only looking at amount of sun hours using ladybug and I wanted to ask if you had any ideas of what else I could use as an input for analysing the outputs.

I have looked at ladybugs different analysis options, but most of them, uses external proceses to run the simulations, which I can’t push through wallacei.

My question is:

Do you have any ideas for plugins or something that I could use to optimize my floorplans/analysis.

Here is a screenshot of what I am currently outputting.