Editing standard macro image in place causes button craziness

Edit - to be clear, this only seems to happen if the button is copied from default to a toolbar that resides in a different library (.rui).

This just experienced today. Here is the procedure:

  1. Make a new blank toolbar.

  2. Ctrl+Left click copy the “Between” osnap button from the standard osnaps toolbar in default to the new toolbar. (I am using this particular button image just as an example, it happens with others.)

  3. Shift+Left click on the copied button to edit it.

  4. Open the button image editor

  5. Select the rectangle tool, set the color to red and width to 2 units and draw a red square over the center square dot.

  6. Hit OK and then again OK to close the button editor. The change in the button image should show up.

  7. Close Rhino and re-open.

  8. Something weird will happen, but I can’t predict what. Sometimes the copied button will just be blank. This time for recording the images to post here I got the following:

Yes, the whole default Osnap toolbar is linked, the link works.

But odder still, shift+Left click on the button to open it in the button editor:

It’s blank… Not even the image that shows on the toolbar is there. :upside_down_face:

This can be avoided by exporting the image as a new .svg before closing the image editor and then hitting cancel to cancel any changes. Then re-open the button editor and reimport the exported image.

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Here is a second experiment - I just copied the Point osnap button to the toolbar and colored the center red like above. This time the button stayed, but the red color is gone… because the left mouse button command script has been blanked out, so the button image is that of the right mouse button (same as original) which remained.

I guess this is because this button has LMB/RMB. So I tried it again with “From”


After closing and reopening, this time I got simply a blank button.


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I’m following along with your instructions, trying to repeat the problem.

Link is Ctrl+right click. Ctrl+left click is copy.
I copied.

My edited button all looks fine, keeps the bitmap change, and the Macro.

I tried it again by linking, and again I could not repeat the problem.

I’ll keep banging on this but so far I can’t reproduce a problem.

Sorry, that was mis-typed - I edited the original post - it’s Ctrl+Left click to copy as you say.

I just repeated this here making sure it is copy and not link - same thing happened. This is in my customized scheme - I will try in a default new scheme.

I started with a default, unedited scheme.

That’s most likely the problem - if you stay in default, it probably won’t happen. The toolbar I copied into is in another library (.rui). That’s probably the cause. I will see if I can reproduce it within default.

OK, it seems to stay if I copy the button within default. However it is interesting to look at what my default macro library looks like now.

I now have all the copies of the edited button image I made while experimenting as new macros - this despite the fact that almost all of them except for the last were the result of editing buttons which were copied from default, but resided in another library (rui) at the time they were edited. And those macros are not in the .rui’s library.

I put a comment at the top of my first post to reflect the library change.