Where is the Rhino Toolbar icon located in the installation directory? I want to edit them in bulk

Where is the Rhino Toolbar icon located in the installation directory? I want to edit them in bulk

As you can see, I have brought a beautiful dark appearance to the rhino. In any case, the dark appearance is an attractive option, although it is not perfect yet. I edited the Windows Style file (msstyle) and it is not ready yet, otherwise I will share it in the forum. For Rhino’s self-built controls, you can edit the color through Tools>Options…>Advanced, or Tools>Options…>Appearance, and you can also import or export.

Here, the most terrible thing is the icons on the toolbar, all the lines are black-this makes them buried in a dark background-the emphasis is on the white, so I need to make them all White, just like the mac version of the rhinoceros.

Here, McNell, Rhino Toolbar Images [McNeel Wiki], provides png of all icons, even in vector format, including .ai .xar files. I don’t want to import them one by one. I want to know which file they are in, such as .dll or .exe. I can use some software to batch extract and import pictures to replace these icons in batches.

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I assume the images are contained in the .rui (toolbar) file…

Where is that files?

Where is it?


Note that AppData is a hidden folder, to get there, at the Windows Start button type %appdata% then navigate to the folder above. The default toolbar file is called default.rui

Change the 6.0 above to 7.0 for the WIP.

How to edit that file please?I know I can save as a rui file,but I want to edit all the icons.

Hello - it’s a bit of a pain - ExtractRUIBitmaps - these images are only for the current size (Small, Medium, Large - 16, 24, 32.) I’d set large, and extract and edit those I think.


I encountered two problems:

I currently do this,

hold down Shift and right-click, select “Export all size icons” on the editing window, edit it in PS before importing, but such an operation can only edit one icon. And the total number of icons is thousands, so the efficiency is very low.

I select “Save as Toolbar” or “Export Toolbar” in “Options”, select all and save as a new *.rui file, then open a new file to start a new rhino. Although the rhino saves all the advanced settings and interface settings (as shown above, I edited the color settings in many places), but the toolbar icon of the rhino is still before modification. So I imported the toolbar in the options and imported the *.rui file I saved as before, but it still did not work, and the icon did not change.

In summary,

I want to know where all these full-size rhino toolbar icons are stored on the disk and how to read them. I can extract them at once and edit them. If they are on one picture, I can directly frame the area in PS to target Sexual editing (some can be directly inverted, some need to be colored, some need to be post-processed such as hue -50%, and some need to be redrawn); if they are independent files, they can be batch processed by recording PS actions ; It doesn’t work…or at least it allows me to export files individually and work on new programs.

Very nice theme @shomnipotence - I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. I wonder, would you be able to share the new icons you’ve made? I have also made a dark theme and have been putting off making the icons for a long time!

  2. How do you get the dark mode on the Rhino title bar and scrollbars? I have dark mode enabled on windows, but Rhino remains light: