Where is the Rhino Toolbar icon located in the installation directory? I want to edit them in bulk

I went ahead and created two test commands:

  1. ExportRuiBitmaps - Exports small, medium and large images to specified directory. The directory will contain sub directories for each open RUI file which will in turn contain Small, Medium and Large sub directories. The size directories will contain a PNG file for each referenced macro bitmap.
  2. ImportRuiBitmaps - Imports PNG files as macro bitmaps for each sub folder.

I have only done very basic testing so I would suggest backing up your custom workspaces before testing but my initial tests worked fine. I will post a link to the Rhino build containing the commands tomorrow.



Thank you @JohnM and @pascal

Hi John,
sorry for revamping this thread but I wish to extract all the Rhino tools icons in a batch.
The ExportRuiBitmaps appears on the screen but it does nothing.
Is supposed to work?

I wish to be able to do it because I’m working on a series of tutorials and would be nice to have fully vectorial icons.

Can’t access the attachment anymore… :frowning:

That link is open to the public now.