Where is the Family Type component?

Hi there!

I tried to change the family type of walls, beams, and columns but I don’t have the Family type component in the Grasshopper bar. I checked the files in the master branch and the component wasn’t available to download.


Right now we only have creation component but no edition.
In case you need to create a Wall of a specific Family Type you can use families you have already loaded in the Revit model using this…

Does it work for you?

Thanks for answering. I used that component but it doesn’t work for me. May it be the language a problem? I have installed Revit in Spanish version but Rhino and Grasshopper in English. I wrote a panel with the labels Muro básico (FamilyName) and Genérico 200 mm (Name). The bug I have is: Data conversion failed from Text to Revit Category.

I don´t know what happened before but now it seems working! Thanks anyway for your time.

I guess that now the list item component that you have in the “MUROS” group takes a Categories list instead of a string list.
Categories can be converted from integer or from string but using the value or the name used in the Autodesk.Revit.DB.BuiltInCategory enumeration there is in the Revit API.

You can see the complete list here