Problem Creating Generic Model Families in Revit

I’m just getting started with Rhino.Inside. I’m somewhat familiar with Grasshopper, Rhino and Revit but my 2024 version of Revit now seems to be crashing every time I try to create a simple generic family from a few breps in Rhino. Attached is the grasshopper file I am trying to use for this workflow. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? It appears there is something wrong with my naming convention (see attached screenshot).

Another - more minor - issue: Earlier, when I was able to get this Grasshopper routine to successfully generate a Revit family (so exciting!), I was confused as to why it did not name the new file by the name I inputted into the new family node (the “N” input). Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Sample_Rhino to Revit Generic (9.3 KB)

…A further note.

Grasshopper says a “Family 7” has been created (see attachment) but the Revit file I am working on has no such family listed under generic families. Clearly I’m missing something obvious. It appears Grasshopper is perhaps generating a family in another Revit file but I only have one Revit file open. Totally stumped on something I’m sure is obvious to someone who is more familiar with the interface. Any help is appreciated. Also, I am suspecting it is possible for a Revit file to lose its connection with a Grasshopper file. Any help confirming the association of a Revit file with a Grasshopper file would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like you have additional blank lines in your text panel for the name. Delete these, and it should work.

Thanks, Adam. I wound up just entering the text by right-clicking the name input and making a single variable entry. You were probably right about the spacing. Am I correct in thinking you can usually use a panel to supply a string a name variable to a node?

Yes, it should work fine, without any special characters.