Change/Set Wall type in Revit with Grasshopper RIR

Hi everyone,

Recently I started to play with Rhino.Inside.Revit: let’s be honest it’s a lot of fun ! Though, I encountered my first surprise:

It’s probably basic, but I’m trying to update a wall, drawn in Revit, with a Wall Type created in Grasshopper.
I couldn’t find a get/set wall type component. Is there any chance to do this directly with RIR ?

My main concern is actually to keep the windows in their original host. So I’m trying to avoid adding a new wall at the same location.

Thank you very much for your help (:


Hi Marcus, You can use the Type component to set or get Revit Element Types.

Setting a different Type

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Hi Japhus,

I knew it was somehow easy, but not that easy… Thank you very much !! (;