Blocks to Revit Door/Window Families

Hello, RIR developers.

Is there a way to create Door/Window Families in Revit from Rhino Blocks? If not, are there plans to add components in grasshopper that can do this?


What are your expectations? Doors and Windows are one of the more complex Architectural families in Revit.

Hi , Japhy

I realize that maybe instead of a direct converter from a rhino block, as implied by the title of this thread, a component to create door/window families would be better. I think a component having the following inputs:

  1. Door Geometry - Could basically be any brep to represent Door Panel, Jambs etc.
  2. Material - Material to apply to door geometry
  3. Lines - Rhino curves that can represent the 2d door swing or any other representation.
  4. Linetype - A line type to apply to Lines
  5. Cutting Void Geometry - Any box to automatically cut revit wall.

Now I do realize maybe one problem with this method is that it can only create dead families lacking parametric/constraint features that can modify door width, height, thickness etc. But I don’t know how using a limited input in grasshopper we can achieve a fully parametric door. Maybe for the time being let’s make a dead family and if we want to add constraints we have to access that the traditional way of editing the family in revit once created.

Edit: I just re-checked the revit door family template and realized that it already has the standard constraints of height, width, void cut etc ready. So maybe you could just add the the height and width etc as inputs. And again we just have to provide the panel geometry. The updated component inputs being:

1.Door Geometry
2.Door Materials
3.Door Height
4.Door Width

Hi @attheeast18,

Does this help? (36.7 KB)

Thanks Kike, I think this is a good compromise for now. Hopefully you guys can make a more speficic components for doors and windows in the future. I guess one advantage of working with door temmplate is that it requires less tuning because a lot of it already has parameters like height, width etc that we can easily change.

A customer Door Family template can be created. This will contain some of the default parameters. Here is a way to create new templates that do not ship with Revit: Rhino.Inside.Revit Custom Family Templates