Where is Rhino 6?

Obviously, i really need to explain that ? self derision and second degree please.

Nobody mentioned “Obscure features”, simply useful and powerful .

This kind of comments are a real brake for innovation.

My grandfather also want to keep his old car … if Rhino 5 is good enough for you, continue with it, no obligations to change.

It’s just frustating to see how Rhino is always running behing others, i saw requests for Rhino 6 ( Sweep 3, better history, UI, direct editing etc etc… ) , and we surely have some of them in next version, but all those features a already existing in others sofware since many years, Rhino 6 isn’t released yet and he is already obsolete, at the same time others are jumped in a new generation tools, and Rhino will be behind once again.

As i said, i’m not against Rhino, i like rhino, and i’m sure MCneel team work hard, but we ( some of us) have several reasons to be not satisfied by the very slow development of our tool.

i’m totally agree whit that.

already taken :wink:

Dang, and they are on version 7!


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It’d be nice if you could pull Microsoft off on this one. Rhino 5 --> Rhino 7.

Damn ! this tool look very promising,… but only for mac … arggghh bad luck.

from what I gather, it’s a really sweet piece of software at a great price point. thing is, if you actually Need rhino like capabilities, cheetah isn’t going to be of any use. for example, it doesn’t know what an inch is.

Well, neither do I… anymore… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


one more "vote’ for turtle update speed here :). For us we have the core features we need. We use it at our company for manufacturing and communications with customers and it really helps that all our employees and our customers are on the same page with the same version and everybody is comfortable with it. Yes shiny new features that come with real new versions are fun and exciting like opening a new present, but in the working world they aren’t really needed unless the cost:benefit ratio is heavy into the benefit side.

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Frankly, I was wondering where is Rhinoceros 8 because Rhinoceros 7 is already stale

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I guess I’m a grandpa then (which is funny since I don’t even have kids, yet).
For me the real innovation as pertaining to Rhino is happening in the creative minds of the users of the software. The bells and whistles don’t create the next mind blowing out of this world project, art, masterpiece, whatever. It’s the creativity, brainpower, hard work and perseverance of the people sitting at the keyboard and mouse actually using it to make real world things.
Rhino is just a tool, like any other tool humans have been using for many thousands of years. We pick up new tools as we see fit, and keep using the ones we know will work and not break down on us when we need them most.


Unfortunately, creativity isn’t the only parameter, world is also productivity and competitiveness.

Why they are develloping new versions ?
Because we are in competitive world, developpers and users need it to survive.

^ They don’t owe you anything. Don’t like it, move onto the next best software. How simple is that?.. :thumbsup:

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Never said i don’t like Rhino, just a complain about speed developement .
Many good tools i need were develloped for rhino via plugin, isn’t so simple :thumbsdown:

I ll bet people who complain about Rhino`s development don t even use 50% of all the tools available in Rhino 5.
What s the point of always having new updates if they re only minor ones at that ? Besides developing a 3D package is no picnic, so learn to be patient and use Rhino 5 to the max.
One more point the companies that develop every year a new software is just a marketing scam. Updates are minor nothing revolutionary from one package to the next. I d rather wait for a major change like i ve witnessed between rhino 4 and rhino 5.

If You look closely at AutoCAD’s development You’ll notice a pattern - they put a minor stuff, one at a time just to keep the subscription model! And the big part is “tweaking” the interface! But maybe it’s time for a shift in software development?!

Get real.

Maya and Max have ‘perfected’ their NURBS tools to an extent that makes Rhino irrelevant? Utter nonsense.

For geometrically accurate modeling - it’s Rhino all the way. I’m very excited by the thread about a new quad mesher because I do 90% of my modeling in Rhino and then export as OBJ if I need to work in a poly modeler. You simply can’t model in any of the programs you listed with the same speed that you get in Rhino if your modeling requires geometrical accuracy.

Sure, if you’re going to model a boulder or a bush in front of a house, use Zbrush. But if you’re going to model the house (or any of the household items inside) - Rhino.

Sorry - the previous comment was intended to reply to this quote.

"Buy Maya:
Monthly *
$185 SRP†
(Online store only)
Quarterly *
$460 SRP†
(Reseller only)
Annually *
$1,470 SRP†

Additional purchase options

Purchase a one-time license online or through a reseller.

One-time license $3,675 SRP†

This is the last year a one-time license is available for purchase


Firstly I didnt mention 3dsMax in my Previous post., i only mentioned MAYA because in MAYA, there is an interesting NURBS workflow that is really important for designer like me (not just a 3d modeller) to design and sketch my geometry, tweaking stuff On the fly that i found very suitable for myself. When i say “perfected” i didn mean “become similar to rhino”. MAYA and rhino is different and I use both because I can see how it improve my workflow using both software rather than just 1. Check out autodesk MAYA has been used by Zaha hadid to"concept" her design (of course she uses rhino too). I am not talking about production 3d here because after all MAYA is visualization an design software, its power lies in its hierarchy node system and combining the power of both NURBS and Polygon, in a single workflow to create “image” NOT for production. Eventually even me would have to rebuild the whole model in rhino or Revit to get to production and pass it down to other department…

Most of the rhino user who has tried maya hated it because they havent really dig into its massive toolset. Dont get me wrong, i still love rhino, but Maya took different path that favors designer (again not a 3d modeller) . Most of people who came from CAD background always said MAYA cannot work wit precision, u can work wit prcision in maya as much as u want however the workflow is entirely different, and u need to use alot of MEL (MAYA scripting) to make it powerful.
With MEL U can Create your own command or tool as u like, or even mimic all command that is currently available in rhino.

I went to Maya and Max forum and meet few users that are very open to accept “other” 3d software and they even find a woraround how to create a workflow that Uses 3 - 4 different software, on the other hand, everytime i mention “other” software in rhino forum, I always meet this one person like you, who seem like living inside the world of rhino alone and dont even think of looking out and see other stuff

I suggest u really invst your time trying other software (spend at least half year intensively dig into and find their “power”) before claiming to others that you think one particular software is the “god” of all 3d. , maya, max, or watever software outthere, each of them offers “something”. i am very happy to hear that Rhino will have subD mkdeling implemnted in th next version however they said it will be just a basic tool, which what makes me use other software To support Poly modelling… Also, modern subd and poly modelling now has improved ALOT from the past 10 years. Its so powerful right niw that most of them utilize WACOM tablet.(im taking about poly and subD so please dont get mixed up with pixol) I am afraid rhino next release couldnt give me the “modern” subD modelling, instead just a basic subD that was used decades ago. So please proof me wrong.

Just for you guys who ask why Maya?, well, for long time i have been working with Rhino-max combo and they are like dogs and cats. Hard to cooperate, i found Maya it greatly improves my design because i can pipeline my work easily from RhinoNURBS and grasshopper to MAYA nurbs and its Poly.

i am not trying to advertise MAya, but its good to have a look at other software and wh knows we can use their concept to add into rhino. If that can make rhino better, so why not?

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english.