Where is my dialog box?

Every once in a while (maybe daily), my dialog box goes missing. It’s not a choice in the toolbar display list. If I switch to a different instance of Rhino it will be there for that job, but if I switch back, there it isn’t. I can type commands & they work,… but I can’t see if it’s in the middle of a command or asking for something. Nor can I tell what number I have typed (can’t see if I missed a character etc).

Please & thanks!


Hi @bmosher, when you blindly type _Options is the checkbox beside the word Command prompt checked ?


@clement - Thank you! That restored it!

Any ideas on what might I be doing to cause it to go on holiday?

@bmosher, hard to guess. You could look in the _Options under Keyboard or Aliases if you probably have set up a shortcut for it to toggle it maybe ?


Ha - I am still grappling with how to create a line in Rhino. I am however, learning quite a bit by chasing the scent trail you put in front of me. I’m so focused on getting drawings out, I don’t have time t learn the software.

Thanks again!

In the end it will be faster if you take some time to learn the basics of the software. A good place to start is with the User’s Guide which is a tutorial on the basics of Rhino. http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/usersguide/en-us/index.htm

Three things:

  1. thanks David!
  2. the link comes up with a tab saying it’s for Rhino 5 (?!)
  3. Production hinges on the info I am trying to put out, so a logical approach is not available.
    If this was easy any fool could do it, but it’s not; so it takes a special kind of fool.
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For what t’s worth - this disappearing dialog box thing is becoming a regular occurrence. I have to assume it’s related to my preference to have it float near the bottom of my screen (I wear cheater eyeglass’ and bottom of screen is important). A bit of a PTA, but now that I know how to bring it back I can keep working. Thinking about creating a button to turn it back on. I might also try letting it dock at the bottom, but I hate giving up that much space.