Where is distort tool for same function as in photoshop?

I see shear tool, on images it moves top of photo relative to bottom, keeping width same.
In photoshop the most useful tool is distort, allowing top to change width relative to bottom, ditto one side relative to other.

Also top and side can be skewed or angled.

sides remain a straight edge.

It is great for undistorting photos back to a perspective view. (the perspective tool is poor by comparison and cant match reality)

I can use distort and get a perspective photo of railings back to an ortho view ! its accurate as well.

Where is ‘distort’ in Rhino so as to ‘distort’ the photo to match a 2D viewport plan.


Hi Steve - turn on control points for a PictureFrame and distort away.


Yes, you can also rebuild the surface with as many control points as you want to have more local control.


needing to do a perspective distort of a raster image, found this thread again,
tried the control points, gives however in fact a reverse effect of what perspective gives.
Image distort should lessen things at the narrower end, not enlarge. The railings seen at an angle etc effect…
All distorts of raster images, certainly mine, must mimmick if creating perspective or un perspective an image, e.g currently trying to trace over a bracket that someone photoed at a slight oblique angle.


should be

this being achieved with Photoshop distort tool (perspective tool doesnt work as intended)
however rhino control points gives

So what method should one use to distort a raster image and have it behave correctly ?

Rhino PictureFrame control points distort fail perspective.3dm (43.7 KB)

Steve3dm file attached.

rasters used also attached
RASTER test distort FILES.zip (138.9 KB)


I havent had any reply to this so I am asking again,



Well, there is not such a tool, in Rhino but you can make one - the trick is to change the degree in U of the base surface to 2 or more and slide the internal points right as needed to make the mapping look right on the parallelogram.


This doesn’t work because the control points are, for some reason, not at the correct edges of the image typically. I am having an issue with this because I need to edit an image that is already not at a rectangular shape. I need the right edge of the image to scale to be the same size as the lines around it. I really need help with this, I must be missing something.

Hello - Untrim the image plane, then move the points around.