Where is Conicalize component in new Kangaroo?

Excuse me sir, where is Conicalize component in Kangaroo 0.099 or 2.42, or are there any substitutes? @DanielPiker

Like this question: where can i find conicalize

Could anyone help? Thx.

There is a new conicalize component in 2.5 (which comes with Rhino 6 SR13).
I’ve also added in 2.5 a component which given a planar conical mesh outputs the face-face offset and torsion free beam layout.
Also note that the conicalize goal itself only works on the angle condition at the node, and if you want the faces to be planar, you should also include a planarize goal. (Usually you want both, but I didn’t combine them into one because there are also some applications for which applying the same angle condition to non planar meshes is useful - such as asymptotic gridshells)


Thank you sir. Got it. :slightly_smiling_face: