Kangaroo component questions

Hi Rhino forums, I am writing a bit on design approaches for gridshell structures and so naturally I am using kangaroo for it.

I have a few questions that I cant seem to find answers to and would like some clarification.

  1. What is the difference between the Planarize component and the CoPlanar, is there any difference to them when you graft every face vertices for a mesh?

  2. What types of forms/shapes is the Conicalize component applicable to? I am assuming shapes that only tapers to a single point? Because I cannot get it to work for example a “british museum” kind of toplogy, but it works fine for a typical gridshell pavilion type of topology.

  3. Does the Checkerboard component only work for quadrilateral and triangular meshes? Because when I try it with a hexagonal mesh it doesnt really work, I assume that is because the mesh faces consists of triangles and quads, is there any work around?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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HelpConicalize.gh (32.2 KB)
I added a short script for one topology that I mentioned, my main goal is to understand when I can apply Conicalize to get torsion free beam layout (I can for some other topologies but not for this one), as well as my question regarding planarize and coplanar, thanks!

If you try the script, note that it’s in milimeters so you probably have to zoom out a bit, and my tolerance is 1mm, regards.

From the picture you can see that the beams have torsion, although the output is planar, so I am assuming it is not conicalized enough, I have tried many settings but I can’t get it to work, so I am assuming it is not possible for all forms?