Where i can find Advanced Surface Tool?


I find this topic:

But on food4rhino this addon now i don’t find, does someone know how called now Advanced Surface Tool or where i can download old version?

(Michael Pryor) #2

It was made by @TomTom

As far as I know he doesn’t make it anymore because the limitations of Rhino could not allow it to perform the way he needed to make class A type surfaces (specifically blending). Atleast that’s what I think I remember him saying.

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(Tom) #3

AsTools.zip (234.6 KB)
AsTools.3dm (187.6 KB)
AsToolsTest.gh (21.1 KB)

Edit: make sure to unblock all .gha and .dll files

(Tom) #4

No, my laziness and lack of knowledge was the only limitation. In order to make AsTools good, I would have needed to refactor everything and spend a massive amount of time with it.
This version is the latest build (inoffical and two years old). Works on Rhino 6 as well, but is not compatible with the version which was uploaded on Food4Rhino.


Ohh thx a lot! Can’t wait to come home to explore all this.