VSR(ASM) or Rhino Surface Blend as Grasshopper Component

Hi Community/McNeel/Autodesk

i’m interessed in adding Blending/Matching Funktions to Grasshopper. There is no RhinoCommon Method for Blending/Matching Surfaces. The existing “Blend Curve” Method is rather simple and goes only to G2. I think a generative Approach in this Direction would boost Rhino and Grasshopper, and it would somehow allow a certain degree of “global modelling” . At the moment I’m able to match NurbsCurves (only with the power of math :slight_smile: ) of the same or similar Degree, which is for me an huge sucess. Before studing the secrets of Nurbs, is there a possibilty of releasing methods or grasshopper components? Or did somebody something equal? I mean, there has to be finished functions done by McNeel or Autodesk, and of course they probaly wont share them for free. but it would be cool, and i even would pay for some Simple Blending Surface Component. I also need A-Class Quality, so T-Splines is not the right choice here

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Hi TomTom,
if you’re still interested, check out this post I’ve just added