Where do Plugins belong on a PC? GH and Installers don't agree

In Grasshopper the Special Folders/Components Folder on my PC is set to “C:\Users\my name\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries”

When I install plugins with package manager they seem to end up in “C:\Program Files\Rhino 8\Plug-ins” if I’m using Rhino 8 or in “C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins” if I’m using Rhino 7.

Then when I launch GH projects it wants me to Load or Delete items that might be installed in 7 and in 8.

So what is the right file structure strategy for using plugins?

I have been wondering the exact same thing.

Especially when running several versions of Rhino.

Right now I have a mess, especially when I open GH in Rhino 5 (which I still need for render plugin compatability)

many incompatibility warnings.

How can we set this up so that versions (I have 5,7,8 installed) can exist correctly next to each other?

The right place would be in the yak package directory. Different versions of plugins are separated there.

Thanks! and yes I can see the separate Versions in the yak folder.

I think the confudion arises out of the fact the package manager is slowly creeping in replacing the previous “manual” procedure of installing GH addons.

We would have needed/need a clear guide how to clean things up (before transitioning to package manager) or how to keep things tidy as not all plugins are available via package manager.

I have some plugins I can’t get to work anymore in Rhino 8 as there seems to be conflicting bits and pieces of installs on older Rhino Versions. (eg. wires renderer)

Where is the yak package directory generally found?