Managing/uninstalling grasshopper plugin

I’ve done some basic research and haven’t found anything useful, so I’m asking here:

Is there way to easily manage and uninstalling 3rd party plugins for grasshopper? It’s easy for plugins that only have one gha file in the component folder, but many plugins also have dll files with a different name, or a collection of user objects in the other folder it’s very hard to uninstall? Or a way to cleanly track all the plugins installed so making it easier for us to setup a new laptop to have the same plugins via food4rhino?

Any help will be appreciated!

I found that some are simply installed in separate folders and GH detects them regardless. So I started installing files in separate folders inside the main folder where GH usually puts them. This way you can manage to delete only what you want.

If you already have a bunch installed and you don’t want to re-install Rhino. I suggest re-download them and sneak peak what files they put and where and clean/arrange them accordingly.

I’ve thought about that too, I will probably just do a house cleaning and organize them into sub-folders, thank you!

Still some plugin requires separate install (like lady bug), and will have to keep an eye on those too.

All that should be possible through Yak, Rhino’s Package Manager.

That said, there aren’t many 3rd party plug-ins that have enabled the use of Yak at this point. Reach out to the authors of your favorite plug-ins and ask them to look into this.

@will, as far as I can tell, the UI doesn’t expose uninstallation but I see that Yak CLI has yak uninstall.

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@wim, Can we download the plugins and package them ourselves?

No, that’s not possible.

Hi All
I’m having the same trouble. I’ve installed a new version of polyhedron and now it conflicts with the previous one all the time no matter what I choose.

Please help me to track that old damn waterman, I have the package file but no idea how to sneak pick the installation folder.

I tried searching the C: for *.gha and register too but it seems there are no traces of it. This window makes me sick. I don’t want to reinstall everything to get rid of those old plugins. Not again! Please! Image%20947

It’s fantastic!
I managed to find it!
Right click over any GH tool and Component info reveals the folder.



thank god for your comments and for this thread, I’ve been dealing with this issue since I added “Duck/Mallard” using the package manager and then updated it by hand, and made the change on food4rhino but not on the package manager

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This new system, while rosy on the outside, is a complete clusterfuck.
Now, there’s GH plugins all over the place, adding to the already prickly issue of having multiple Rhino versions (and thus GH versions) on the same computer.
To make things worse, some plugins like elefront have newer versions with components that are not backwards-compatible, so the package manager installs the newer version when in fact it should install an older one.

In short : there should be only ONE folder for the GH plugins, with clear separation between GH versions.
I thought Food4Rhino was bad, but this is even worse.

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