Where did the Properties and Units dialog box go in Rhino 8?

I am searching for the Properties and Units dialog box, but have been unable to locate it. The second screenshot is the only dialog box I could locate which is not as robust as the first screenshot. I’m working in Rhino for Mac.

there are two places for Preferences in Rhino for Mac

the one in your screenshot is the document settings at File->Settings

the other one for Rhino settings is at Rhino->Settings

Thank you, but I do not see a pull down menu titled “Rhino”. I only find the “Rhino 8” pulldown which takes me to “Preferences”.

yep, that’s the one:

in the windows screenshot you posted, there are “Document Properties” and “Rhino Options”… On Mac, going Rhino->Settings will get you to the Rhino Options… going File->Settings will get you to the Document Properties.

That said, maybe you’re looking for a specific setting? As far as the unit settings go, the same options are showing in both of your screenshots, no?

Huh. That’s not what I see. Could it be that it’s not appearing because I’m working in the evaluation mode of Rhino 8 for Mac?

Apple can’t make up their minds.
“Preferences” is the older name.
“Settings” is what newer MacOS versions call it.

BTW - On a Mac keyboard, the Delete key does the same thing as a Backspace in Windows, and the Windows “Ctrl” key is the Mac “command” key.

Thank you. Unfortunately, “Preferences” doesn’t take you to the “Settings” either.

I guess I’ll just stick with "File >Settings” until Apple makes up its mind.
Thank you all for your help. I appreciate it.

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear.

In Rhino for Windows, “Options” takes you to a combined “Rhino Options”, and “Document settings” tool.

In Rhino for Mac, they are split up:

  • Rhino 8 > Preferences(Settings), takes you to “Rhino Settings”
  • File > Settings, takes you to “Document settings”

This is a Rhino for Mac vs. Windows difference, not a V8 difference.
Since Mac V5, this is how the settings work.

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We replied with this last night.
Did it not work for you?

Model Units is part of Document settings:
File menu → Settings on the Mac

Is it working now?
Mary Ann Fugier

Hello! For some reason (it’s probably MYSELF) when I go to File >Settings, only the second menu you posted shows up.

It does seem to do the job, however.

Thank you for responding — I appreciate your help.


Hi @Bradley64,
Pick on Annotation styles and the Window will automatically resize and be bigger.
Your image is sized for Units.

Does that work for you?

Oh my gosh. It’s always something simple. Yes, that worked! Thank you so much!

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