Rhino 5 for Mac - Tollerance Options

Dear Forum members.

I have recently downloaded the trial version of Rhino 5 for mac, as a result of my Sony VAIO crashed the other day (with my Windows version installed on it)

I appreciate the fact that the Mac version lack a whole lot of functions/commands, but does this go for the tolerance settings function/options as well?
I’ve had a look around, but can’t seem to find it.

All i want is to set the tolerance higher so that I can get a more defined Make2D.
Any help here would be greatly apreciated.

Tolerances are a file property, so on Mac they will be under “Settings” in the File menu, there is a units tab…

HTH, —Mitch

Hi, thanks for your reply.

For some reason I thought that would be reasonable too, but it is not there.
Im not sure wether its because of my English mac/Norwegian keyboard combo, or not.
But i managed through “help” to find it.
(even there it states you’ll find it under file - properties, but its nowhere to be found)
Anyways, sorted out, so thanks a lot!

So, there is no “Settings” menu item in the File menu on your installation? (should be the next to last item in the menu)

Hmm, the Help button still takes you to Help for Windows Rhino, I had thought since a user guide was underway that the Help would also be Mac-specific by now…

Anyway, you can check out the online user guide here


If for some reason you can’t get to it via File > Settings, you can also use the DocumentProperties command.