Unit Preferences?


First post here! I have been using Rhino on the Mac for about 6 months now.

One of the things I loved in the earlier version was that when I copied and pasted a model (or object) from on file to the other, it asked me when I pasted into the new file if I would like to keep the same working units. I loved that. That’s been gone for a while now. Is there some way to get it back?

Also, will there ever be a way to “keep” the units on a “user” default. Meaning, I only work in “inches”. It’s just kind of a pain to always have to go into the “project settings” and change it before starting a model. Will it ever be available in the “preferences” rather than “project settings” so that I can work in “Inches” (or whatever other users usually uses) so that you don’t have to change the “project settings” every time you start a new model?

Hi Brian- use File > New using template to get at the template files with pre-set units. You can save a file to this directory so that it shows up. At the moment it seems to me the template related behavior is a little more friendly on Windows Rhino still, but I imagine it will be cleaned up here as well.


Great! Thanks.

Yeah, It’s a little clunky, but works better than having to change all the settings each time.

Thanks again!