Where did my layouts and disiplay modes go?

Just downloaded and launched Rhino7 WIP

Sadly it flunked it first key stroke !!

Tried to open up a model that has 22 Layouts with bespoke display modes set up in Rhino 6 (latest version).
When it opened ONLY ONE layout (the last layout came into view) and NONE of the bespoke dsiplay modes came across with file so nothing looks like it did in Rhino 6

As a prioitiy Rhino 7 needs an import option that brings in ALL layouts and ALL disply modes from previous version of Rhino.
toherwise how will we be able to compare the new Rhino to the Thino 6 ??


Custom display modes are defined and exist only in Rhino on the computer where they were created. They are not carried in the 3dm file.

You will need to create equivalent display modes in V7 so they can be called and used in V7.

Custom display modes can be exported and imported into another Rhino installation of the same version on a different computer.
They generally can not be imported into a different version of Rhino.

I doubt this helps, but your expectations are not realistic in this case.


Not Quite sure about the comment “display modes are defined and exist only in Rhino on the computer where they were created”
…why would I change my computer to try out WIP Rhino 7 ?

Surely the settings and dsiplay modes and layout info is still on my computer, as WIP Rhino 7 does not overwrite them

I did Find a work round

Created a new blank WIP file
Imported settings from Rhino 6 *.ini setting file
imported layouts from original Rhino 6 3DM file
Finally imported drawing form originla Rhino 6 3DM file

Everything now appears as it should.

So why can’t that sequence of actions not be combined as single command ? to make it simpler to tranfer models and their layouts from Rhino 6 to Rhino 7 ?


Open the Options command in Rhino.
Notice there are two main categories; Document, and Rhino settings.

Everything in the Document section (File > Settings in Mac), are stored in the 3dm file.
Everything in the Rhino section (Rhinoceros > Preferences in Mac), are stored in the Rhino application on that computer.
Notice that working display mode configurations are in subsections under the View options in the settings stored with the appliction.

Some settings can be exported from V6 and imported into V7, but not all. It’s a risky technique. Each new Version of Rhino has years of development. Many tools are enough different between Versions that this technique will not work. Just stay aware of that and be ready to recreate something in the new version that will not directly import.

Does that make more sense?

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