WISH: Rhino default display modes changes stored in file

@pascal We need an option for Rhino to store the changes of the default display modes within the Rhino file. As you are working on improving layouts and details it would be a huge benefit (a necessity I would say) to be able to open the file on another computer and get the identical look on the layout.

We use some custom display modes, and often alter the default ones (turn on/off edge drawing, lighting etc) and not being able to do adjustments on the laptop and print out an identical result with out having to adjust the display modes first is too time consuming IMO.


This is a really MUST HAVE when working on several machines and with a team.
Is this on the roadmap of V8?

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I Agree,

Not just for working in teams.
Often when I create files for documentation I change displaymodes to get the optimal look.
There is no way to store that look in the file.
It’s not like what is possible with for instance tweaking rendermaterials that do get stored in the file


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Hi Jorgen, all- there is some discussion of this here:

and a bug track item here

RH-47650 Embed display modes in 3dm file

It would be a pretty big deal, but the request and the need are recorded…


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Great. I can see it’s a big UI deal, but not technically. That should be pretty easy.
This is a must in layouts and quite important in Rhino also.
I would strongly recommend getting this into R8 :pray:

Well, one problem is, how to avoid stomping all over the file recipient’s display modes - there needs to be some way to differentiate the ones assiciated with a Rhino file - however that association is made - I gather that is not necessarily super hard to do, but not a brainer and a significant change. In other words, we can’t just include the mode in the file and use it, as things are currently set up.