Suggestion: save display modes in document

as a gereral observation in my workflow, I notice that I have to adopt displaymodes to certain requirements to a given task.

It appears to overload the saved dislaymodes list if I create a copy of all the modes I adopt every time I need to change something (lineweigts, background color, shadows on/off, line display for technical etc…)

I think it would be a great improvement if the used displaymodes could be stored inside the .3dm and upon reopen there is an option for import.

I see the tendency in my work that older files just don’t display correctly anymore as the displaymodes have changed and it is very time intensive to restore them.

any thoughts on that?


Hi Daniel - that has been discussed at some point and the discussion was captured in an internal YT issue (RH-31129). I’ve added your request for this feature.


In a way this also taps into the fact that now changes are across all open documents/rhino sessions.
It feels that is not always the optimal behavior… so maybe there could be reference/template modes, and additional document modes that remain unique to the .3dm file.

I fully support this. Rhino’s default display modes are VERY limited considered the quite amazing pipeline they run on, and with Layouts we need a way to store the detail’s look even if you open the document later on a new machine.

In example one of the view modes we use is a flat shaded mode with all black lines and curves, and having to make sure that any computer opening this file in the future, has the same display mode, with the same name, is not easy to guarantee. And if we can’t guarantee it, then it isn’t very future proof, and that’s not good.


+1 from me, too. Holo nails it.
Layouts in general should completely stand for themselves, regarding layers, looks, everything. Like Views in Revit.

Hi Eugen -

That’s a related - though not identical - issue and I’ve added your request to the (internal) YT issue RH-6068.

Thank you very much, Wim!
Could you please insert the link to youtrack?

The wish that Layout/Detail layer states should be independent already exists here:

Hi Eugen - all links to YouTrack are basically the same - you can just replace the RH-19685 in your link with RH-6068. It won’t do you any good, though, as this one is not visible to the public. That’s why I didn’t insert the link.

I would say that this is a more specific subset of your more general statement: “Layouts in general should completely stand for themselves…”.
RH-6068 is also a more general description of the issue.

Got it, thank you.
Yes, I was drifting off the original topic here: store Display Modes in the file.
That would be one building block of what I meant with ‘independent Layouts’. You get the point.