Where can i find a link to FBX exporter plugin for Rhinoceros V6 or V5

Hi guys i use Rhinoceros and 3ds max for production and design and i often export files b/n rhino and 3ds max
and i figured that 3ds max can use fbx as a linked in option so whenever u update your rhino model you can update it on 3ds max too so anyways i was looking everywhere to download the plugin for Rhino but couldnt find it anywhere, any links you have one the FBX exporter for rhino will be of a big help. Thank you.

I believe you don’t need to install anything extra, the option to export to MotionBuilder (.fbx) appears when you go to File / Export. It might be a bit confusing since you need to scroll down to M for MotionBuilder rather than F for .fbx

I got it, Thanks!