Issue with FBX Export from Rhino to 3ds Max

I’m encountering a challenge when exporting models from Rhino to 3ds Max using the FBX format. Specifically, I’ve noticed that there isn’t a “weld” option available during export.

While the lack of this option doesn’t result in a loss of smoothing groups, it does lead to the imported mesh in 3ds Max being fragmented into multiple elements under editpoly/mesh. This complicates the workflow, especially when dealing with complex meshes. Currently, the workaround involves manually welding each mesh in 3ds Max using the “weld vertices” function…

I’m surprised by the absence of a welding option in the FBX export settings in Rhino. Does anyone have any insights into why this feature is missing?

Hi @ata.safarzadeh1990,

Perhaps it’s never been requested?

You can always weld your meshes in Rhino before exporting.

Weld command help.

– Dale

Thanks, but my Rhino model is already one closed mesh. The real challenge is maintaining its volume and shading integrity during the export process to 3ds Max for rendering. Any advice on that?