Where are the STEP options stored?

I need to distribute this STEP schema to all of our users. Where is this setting saved in Rhino? (I’m guessing it’s in an xml file somewhere):




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Directory “STEP Export”



@DanBayn Why 214cc2 and not just 214? I was thinking of eliminating cc2 in v8 when I add AP242. I can leave it if important. The only difference between an AP214 and AP214cc2 file written from Rhino is the line that gives the protocol.

Hi @chuck,

Our CAM software (WorkNC) won’t support layers or colours if we don’t use CC2. The model comes in black and everything is pushed to a single layer. But that won’t be an issue by the time V8 comes out. After 28 years we are kicking WorkNC to the curb by the end of this year. I’ll test 214 (not CC2) in our new product and make sure it works.

Edit… Confirmed. we won’t need CC2 by the time V8 is released.

Edit.2… Based off of what you mentioned about the CC2 scheme I checked myself and we can use the 214 Automotive scheme even now in WorkNC. There is no need to keep CC2 on our account. Its 203 that we can’t use.

Thanks Chuck,


Yeah, 203 does not have layers or colors. Other than that, for export from Rhino, it’s the same as 214. When we first enable 242 in V8 there will be no noticeable difference between it and 214 - just the few things necessary to make a valid 242 file. But then we will be able to start the work of including other features.

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