Step Export Missing?

Hopefully I am overlooking something simple, but can’t seem to find the .step export format.

I am running the latest version, and looks like the step plugin is installed.

Version 5 SR9 64-bit
(5.9.40609.20145, 6/9/2014)

Updated. Looks like I have step import but no export. Any thoughts?

Did you check the Tools --> Options --> Plug-ins to make sure that STEP was not turned off? Make sure they are checked ON. After you make the change, I would also re-start Rhino to make sure. See pic below.

Yep they are both on, and I have restarted Rhino twice still no change.

Although something does seem to be missing. I guess the next step is to try a Rhino re-install.

Ok. Did a new install and nothing changed it was still missing. So re-installed the plug-in from C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\Plug-ins and it came back. I wonder if something isn’t right with latest installer???

Hi Dennis - this was with the SR 9 auto update, is that correct? There was a last minute bug fix in STEP export, I am pretty sure. @chuck, any idea is this is related, maybe? (STEP Export plug-in apparently not installed correctly in this case).


Yes that is correct SR9 auto updated. Then I downloaded the rh50Release_x64_en-us_5.9.40609.20145 installer.

I don’t think so. Tim fixed a problem in the way extrusions were handled in blocks with transformations not supported by STEP. I don’t see how this would affect the installer.

I was wondering if a version changed or something that was then not handled by the installer, not so much the fix itself.


Same here (STEP is all on in Plugins), any idea how to solve this, need to export right now since a client is waiting for further model making… Thanks for your help

I haven’t had the issue since, but the way I fixed it was installed the plug-in for C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\Plug-ins folder, but first I would check to make sure the plug-in is enabled from the options window.

@djnelson75 thanks a lot man. yes will get into the folder and install it manually. it’s shown activated in the plugin menu…