Where are named selections stored? Access via RhinoCommon?

In the API docs, in Rhino.DocObjects.Tables, I see these guys:


but no NamedSelectionTable Class. A search for NamedSelection or even just named or selection does not reveal anything having to do with named selection sets… maybe I missed something though.

It appears to be part of an object’s attributes, when an object is included in a named selection set, I see this in Properties>Details:


And I find this if I dive down into the object’s attributes (rhobj>Attributes>UserData)

But I don’t see how to access any of this data from the info in the API docs…

@Trav is the one with his fingers deep in named selections.

They’re not exposed to RhinoCommon yet, but on the list for 7.x


They are macro-able-ish in the meantime.

@Trav did this get implemented for Rhino7 release?

Hi @sobon_konrad you can follow this issue state here as mentioned above.