Where are my layer objects?

I have had a problem for some while, and I dont know what I dont understand about handling layers, it s usually very easy. I have a lot of layers, that sometimes just disappears. I have not opened the model for 2 days and now when i open it up and click on the layers, the objects are not there and I dont know why


You’ll have to give more information here. There are several layers and objects in that file - impossible to say what should be different…

This is strange. Sometimes people hide objects, and then turn off a layer and forget that they’ve hidden them when they turn that layer back on. I

f you make one of these layers current and run the Show command, do you see them?

If not, the only other thing I can think of is that maybe your viewport is showing a different view than you think it is, or if you have a section active (or a clipping plane), that the objects are behind the section.

Do any of these apply?

Try the Audit command to see what’s in the file and that it corresponds with what you think is in there (it shows some hidden objects). Also the ground Plane is on and obscuring some objects unless you orbit to see them…