Layer without content

Hi coworkers.

I was working in rhino 6 and inserted a new 3d model (.skp). It was very big unlike my original model then i lost all model and only can see the new model. All layers are in the layer panel but i can’t see anything of my model. I turn on and off the light bulb button but i still can’t find my original model.
I changed the vew mode, ( ghost, render, tecnical…) but noting change.

Pease help me if somebody knows what is happening.
Thnak you.

Hello - 4View twice in a row, and then Zoom Extents All (ZEA and Enter, by default)


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Thanks for askwer Pascal.

I tride a lot of times, but it doesn´t work. it seems like the objects is hiden and only can see four “clipping plane” but the objects there are not there.

Thank You again Pasacal.

Hello - if possible, please send the skp file to, or upload via, to my attention - please include a link back to this topic in your notes.


Could be that those clipping planes are active and they are making you model to disappear? Take a look at the screenshot and see if this does the trick.

Select all clipping planes and in properties panel, make them inactive in all viewports.