Rhino 6 disappearing objects

Just trying out rhino6, been using 5 for years and objects are now vanishing from all viewports on both screens. I can still select them if I click where they should be and the properties shows them as they should be, just not visible. They seem to reappear for a time when exploded and joined, then vanish again. They seem to be objects created from a recent command, copy and paste from an inserted drawing, a boolean, create uv curves polylines etc. It doesnt look like your described video hardware and driver problems but here is what i’ve been using.


Hello- your video driver is a couple of years old- I’d get the latest and see if that sorts things out.


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I checked and Windows thinks it already has the best driver installed. Also it just doesnt look like a video or display problem. It is more like rhino is choosing not to show the objects. And I’m quite familiar with hidden objects and clipping planes. They just vanish in front of your eyes but if selected the properties show in the properties panel. Exploding makes them visible again, usually.

Hello - I would not necessarily believe Windows on this - check the AMD website for their latest driver -
This might help too - https://support.amd.com/en-us/download/auto-detect-tool


Thanks, I’ll give it a go :smile: