When Selected an Object or Line cannot move, zoom in or seleted highlight

I have a problem when I select the object it stuck on the screen. It doesn’t highlight the object when selected, even after selected (not highlighted) it can’t move, zoom in or pan. I turn on Gumball, it doesn’t show it.

This problem is the same when I use polyline tools, it doesn’t show.

Please help, i’m pulling my hairs off now doing this

I guess you have to upload the file so someone can check it, otherwise, the options to try could be thousand.
anyway, is the object locked? or on a layer which is locked? also check if you are working with the rendered view, because it normally doesn’t show the curves.

Hello Diego Krause,

Thank you for you help.

I try reinstalling Rhino and it works perfectly now.

i think is because my laptop cannot handle the graphics as i run with i5 core intel

I’ve been working with an i3 core for 4 years with no problem at all, just keep your drivers updated, specially the video driver. good luck.

Thank you for the reminder :pray: