When drag in a file what is "Attach"? And why is it gone on reopen?

If I drag a file from explorer in to the open Rhino document I get “Attach” as an option and it places the file with out questions asked. All good, but I though this was some automatic insert with no scale, no position asked etc. but it is not there when I reopen the mother file. Is that intended? I looked in the help file but found nothing. Nor is it a command.
So is it broken or intended?


Hi Jorgen - ‘Attach’ is part of Worksession - by attaching a file, you open it, sort of, as a non-active file attached to a worksession.


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Ah, yeah, I had forgotten about that hybrid part of worksession.

Then I think Rhino should ask if we want to save the worksessoin when Rhino is closed. And there should be an "attach file " command I guess. Worksession needs some love too :slight_smile: