New File in Worksession

Situation: File open withs several files containing large meshes attached in Worksession.

I want to create a new file directly in Worksession, have it be the active file, and the current active file become an attached file. It appears that I cannot create a new file and stay in Worksession.

Current work-around:. Start a new instance of Rhino. Create the new file in that instance and save it. Close the second instance. Go back the Worksession and Attach the new file just created and make it the active file. This requires starting a new instance of Rhino.

Potential work-around: Create an inventory of new, empty files. Then attach one of these files in Worksession when a new file is desired. The drawback of this approach is the new file may not have the profile I want and I will need to change the settings.

Am I missiing something?

Would it be possible to add the ability to create/open a new file in Worksesson to the stack?

Hi David - my guess is it is possible… I’ll add the wish to the pile anyway.

RH-58913 Create a new file within Worksession


Request repeated.