What are the differences between the Drag & Drop file options?

What is the different between these?


-Open the dropped file, close the current one
-Insert the file as a block
-Import the file
-Attach as a worksession

Imagine how simple it would have been to just say exactly that, directly in the dialog. Instead of people having to take a course to learn about what it means.

I really like Rhino, but this part of Rhino UI-encryption is not the part that I like the most.

// Rolf

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Thanks, I understand the first two. Still mixed up about the 3 & 4. e.g. When I import a .dwg file into AC, it comes in as block. So to me, 2 & 3 here seems like the same thing. I have no idea what “Attach as a worksession means”.

“Import” doesn’t mean “as a block” in Rhino.

Worksessions are a totally different mechanism for large projects where you can see several files combined into one, but they’re actually all still separate files and you’re only working on one at a time.

Version 6 SR20 (6.20.19295.13421, 10/22/2019)
FWIW–Dialog box Help button not working.

Thanks, Fred!
On the list as RH-55394.

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