WPF Window


I just started using C# (after years of using C++) so that I can be able to use WPF. So I will have basic questions at the beginning and I would be very grateful to hear the answers. So let us start:

1.Every time I compile the plugin, in the “bin” directory, next to the rhp and pdb file, a RhinoWindows.dll file is also copied automatically…is this necessary? Why does this dll get copied there?

P.S. I wrote two questions before and solved them in the meantime, so I deleted them…the first was how to create a modeless Dialog (not a panel) and I did it by deriving simply from Windows (I hope this is the right way)…the second was how to get to mouse events to work on the canvas…the trick was to set the background, because it defaults to null.


No, RhinoWindows.dll should not be in your Bin folder. With your project open, go to Solution Explorer and expand your References folder. Right-click on RhinoWindows.dll and click Properties. Set the Copy Local property to False.