Rhino Plugin installer question

Thanks in advance, we made a Rhino plugin, and want to add it into our own installer, any suggession how to do that, and where the dll should be copied to and registered. Thanks a lot.

The file we have now are:

  1. plmcPlugin.dll
  2. plmcPlugin.rui
  3. and some depending dlls.
  4. No .rhp file, what is the .rhp file, where can we found it? Thanks!

Thanks, I found the below two links, they are very helpful, so, only one question left: where is the .rhp file, it seems we don’t have one in the build files. Thanks a lot!

Hey @Robin,

You need to rename your plmcPlugin.dll as plmcPlugin.rhp once the build is finished.

If you’re using an SDK style project you can use this in your .csproj


Or you can use a build event like so

Copy "$(TargetPath)" "$(TargetDir)$(ProjectName).rhp"
Erase "$(TargetPath)"

Got it, Thanks a lot!

One more question, if I set up the registry like the below, the MySamplePlugin.Rui UI file which was under the same directory, will be automatically load either? Thanks!

Got it, Thanks Dale!