When can we start playing with V6 WIP?

Anxiously waiting…


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Sorry, no. There are none being compiled yet that even us in-house testing folks can bang on.
It will be a while before there is anything that runs and longer yet before there is anything worth looking at.

Big sad face!

In today’s development meeting, one of the testers essentially asked the same thing. The reality is we are working on some very boring but important foundation work for V6 that don’t really add anything new and exciting form a user’s perspective.

I see. Thanks for the info!

I’m just bored with V5 already, I’ve been using it for production stuff since day one of the WIP. I love V5, but I need a V6 WIP fix :slight_smile:

You guys do what you need to do to make V6 great. I’ll try to sit patiently and wait, but those two are not my strong suits. - lol.

Thanks John!