It's V5 develop ended?

Hi guys,
I noticed that more often you at the mcneel refer to the V6 when there’s bug.
Should this mean that you stop the V5 develop and bug fixing?
When we could touch the V6?

If you remember well the development of Rhino 5… maybe we’ll see Rhino 6 in 2 years, or more! :frowning:

Development, yes. Bug fixing, no.


Right, plus, some bugs and/or limitations are not fixable in V5 due to SDK compatibility issues, so they get tuned up in V6 only.


I heard V6 beta is coming soon. I dream about V6 everyday. :smile:

2 years! unlikely.

A couple of month ago it was said the first beta would be out "within weeks"
Never heard anything about it since then…


Sigh… I know. There is some infrastructure that had to be put in place and so on. I won’t make any more predictions, but it could be any time… =)


No worries, Pascal.
It will be ready when it’s ready…