When can we expect to see a Brazil plugin for Mac Rhino?

When can we expect to see a Brazil plugin for Mac Rhino?

Not for the V5 product life cycle.
Brazil uses the Render Development Kit which is not available for Mac Rhino.
Our plan is to re-write it so it can be included in V6, but that work is far from complete.
The bottom line is it will not be possible anytime soon.

Thanks for the speedy reply @John_Brock.

What about something that can create renderings at a similar quality that is not necessarily Brazil?

I personally can’t find evidence of any online today.

There is nothing currently. It’s only with the recent 5.1 update that a public SDK was released so third-party developers can BEGIN working on Mac Rhino plug-ins. That’s assuming they have the OSX development skills and have determined the cost of developing a Mac Rhino plug-ins will be offset by the potential sales.

Sorry to be bring this news to you but “no SDK so no plug-ins” been plastered all over the Mac Rhino development and release notes.

Hi @flomerboy

I know that it isn’t an integrated solution like Brazil for Rhino, but Keyshot is available for Mac and opens 3dm-files directly - and it’s quick, simple and easy to learn!

HTH, Jakob

Are you are referring to the v5 Rhino product cycle?

Yes, V5.
However, my comments from back in November were incomplete.
At that time there were two things blocking, both the SDK and the RDK.
The SDK was included in Mac Rhino 5.1.
The RDK will not make it into Mac Rhino 5.x.

Additionally, the developer that writes the tools that Brazil and Neon are based on is circling the drain. I do not expect a Brazil or Neon for V6 on either platform.

John, does this mean Brazil is DEAD?

That would certainly seem to be the implication. Too bad, the Caustic boards were pretty cool. I’ve been trying to find a Brazil replacement for a while and my reaction to most has been a resounding “Eeeh.”

There will be a Brazil for Windows V6

It’s too early to say that. They have had money trouble before and managed
to live another day. It is precarious enough that we are taking a wait and
see approach to further development.

Good to know @andy

Thank you both, @John_Brock , @andy

Thanks @andy for the update.

@John_Brock, if Mac Rhino is not planning on releasing the RDK any time soon, does that mean there won’t be a render plug-in for Mac Rhino until they do? Are any render plug-ins RDK independent?

No released Mac Rhino plug-in rendering tools I’m aware of yet.

If I were you, I would pester the developers of the rendering plug-in(s) you’re interested in to see if they have any plans for a Mac Rhino version.

I’m a little confused. Are you saying that devs don’t need the RDK release to make a render plugin?

It is possible but quite difficult to write a plug-in renderer without the RDK. The point of the RDK was to make it much easier for developers to write a rendering plug-in.
If I remember correctly, VRay does not make extensive use of the RDK.