Next release for Rhino for Mac

Rendering continues to be a problem. Just finished the concept phase for a small lab equipment device. I tried Rhino and Fusion 360. Better results with Fusion 360, but a pain to set up. I wound up using the renderings for Rhino because I’m getting more comfortable with it.

I’m determined to get better results when I present the Design Refinement. Spending money now is a problem, so I looked at Blender. What a pain that is. Blender does have the option of using Cycles. But it has all of the problems in navigating around Blender. I read in one of the Forum posts that Cycles may be a part of the rendering for v6. I assume if that were to be the case, that Rhino would do a better job of the interface.

In the short term I’m looking at doing a trial version of KeyShot.

Keyshot and Rhino get on well together … I’ve never looked back since investing in Keyshot.

Yes . Keyshot and Rhino is the best solution if you work as designer or concept artist. Now is integrated into rhino for mac with plugin I moved from brazil renderer and i am satisfied.

Thanks. I plan to give Keyshot a try,