When a race car changes into a vacuum cleaner!

First, I wanted to model a race car, but because I couldn’t complete that, I inevitably had to change it into a vacuum cleaner which is not complete as well! Most likely, I can finish the vacuum, at least.


Have you seen this video? That may help if you want to turn it back into a race car… :wink:


Hello, senior

Sadly, I don’t have access to YouTube in my area.

But I remember, when I designed a primitive car with SubD (integratory), you advised me to model a car part by part. After that, I began working with patches and progressed step by step. At present, I know how to design an object like a car through this method, but my problem is that I’m not patient enough to work on an object for more than one or a maximum of two days.

So I think if I spend more time, I can model a new car body regardless of all its technical details.

Thank you so much for your attention :slight_smile:

can you get vimeo? same video-

No sir, I can’t

Basically, access to videos is difficult in my area.